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The only thing that influences the choice of building a spa or a simple sauna are dimensions and technical conditions of a room. Our experience shows that customers, interested in SPA, can be divided into two simple categories. The first category of customers puts the presence of a spa into their house project from the beginning, the second group rebuilds the inexpediently used premises or builds a new one for the sauna complex.

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There are different SPA complexes from small cozy private ones to large commercial spas in water parks and hotels. Spa complex is a combination, so if you already have a sauna with a swimming pool, then you can rightly be considered as the owner of a spa. However, those who have at least two kinds of saunas (traditional, steam or infrared) in their complex, can also say that they have a spa. Due to the fact that the spa is a phenomenon that was revived only in recent decades and was used in wide-scale projects, a stable stereotype